What Blenders does Starbucks use in Their Stores?

Have you ever given any thought to what blenders do Starbucks use? You’ve probably seen Starbucks around the world, in cities big and small, and you’ve visited one at least once. Starbucks isn’t just an international coffee chain—it’s an international coffee empire!

There are over 33,833 Starbucks stores worldwide, and each of these locations needs at least one blender to make the smoothies, frappuccinos, and blended coffee drinks consumers crave. Starbucks needs some severe machinery to make all those fantastic drinks in their locations all over the globe.

What Blenders Do Starbucks Use

Today, we answer that question and more about how the company uses blenders to make famous blends of coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies, frappuccinos, and other beverages, with fans flocking from across the globe. Check out this guide before buying your next blender, and follow along to find out what blenders do Starbucks use and why!

What Blenders Do Starbucks Use – Quick Answer

Starbucks is a premier coffee giant founded in 1971 and is almost 51 years old. Previously they used high-quality Blendtec blenders for making their world-famous coffees and other products. Starbucks uses specially made Vitamix Blenders (known as The Quiet One).

Vitamix developed this blender particularly to meet the requirements of Starbucks.

If you are still thinking about “what blenders do Starbucks use”, this is the quick answer.

Features Of “The Quiet One” Blender

The Quiet One is a commercial blender made by Vitamix. This blender is equipped with an excellent range of features.

  • It features a motor with 3 HP and can simultaneously process up to 48 ounces of ingredients at once.
  • The blender has six pre-programmed settings and a pulse function.
  • Plus, 34 fully optimized programs.

No doubt, these specifications are unmatched. However, if you’re considering purchasing one simply because Starbucks has them, please wait a moment and read the article further.

Is It Ideal for The Home?

So, do you need to buy this Vitamix Blender or not? This debate is another thing. First, you need to know why you need a blender and which one is ideal for home use. Here we’ll discuss step-by-step, so you can decide which blender is good for you.

ideal blender

Why You Need a Blender

A blender is an essential kitchen appliance used for various tasks, from making smoothies and milkshakes to soups and sauces.

The popularity of different types of shakes and frappuccinos continues to grow, and you want to make them at home. So, the blender you have must stay up to date with what you need to make these drinks.

Which Blender is Good for Home?

There are numerous varieties of blenders available, each with a unique set of capabilities. So, which blender is suitable for home? When it comes to high-powered blenders, Vitamix and Blendtec are two excellent options because they can handle even the toughest ingredients.

which vitamix is good for home

These two brands offer high-powered blenders that can pulverize just about anything. If you want something less expensive, plenty of affordable blender options are still available.

Pros and Cons of Vitamix Quiet One

As this blender is a commercial-grade machine and comes with several great features. Here we’ll discuss its pros & cons as a homeowner.

  • Less Noise – Unlike other professional blenders, this one is quieter. Using vibration dampening technology, the blender’s jug is protected by a sound-proof plastic casing.
  • Versatile – one of the most versatile blenders available. It features 93 speeds that can be changed. This makes it possible for its users to create whatever they want.
  • You may use this Vitamix blender to make smoothies at any businesses that serve food.
  • Because it includes a Tritan container that holds 48 ounces and is marked with accurate measurements, this blender makes it simple to follow specific recipe measurements.
  • The design is outstanding and also dishwasher safe.
  • Price – the average price per unit is $1100-$1400. This amount is enormous, and an average person cannot purchase it.
  • Accessories – This model’s accessories are also expensive, a minimum of $50-$100.
  • The container size is just 48 oz. It means not suitable for heavy batches.

Our Verdict on Vitamix Quiet One

There is no other opinion that this blender is amazingly quiet and comes with unmatched outstanding features. I adore the performance of Vitamix blenders.

Keep in mind that this Vitamix machine is initially manufactured for commercial purposes. As a result, its warranty is much shorter than a typical house unit because it is expected to see much more use than a typical home unit would.

It’s also possible that you don’t require a sound barrier if you live in a quiet area. Even if a blender makes a lot of noise, you usually don’t use it for very long or often; therefore, the noise isn’t justified.

best affordable blender

So, we think plenty of great and affordable blenders are available for home use. You can also buy a juicer blender combo for your home.

Still, it’s 100% your choice to buy Vitamix Quiet one or any other.


The price ranges between $1200-$1400 for the Vitamix Quiet One used by Starbucks. On sale days, you may also be able to save money.

Nowadays, Starbucks is using 48 oz. Vitamix 36019 (The Quiet One) for iced coffees. Starbucks also used Blendtec in the past.

Several blenders on the market can compare to Vitamix in terms of power and performance, like Blendtec, KitchenAid, Ninja, Breville, and Cleanblend.

However, Vitamix is often considered the gold standard for commercial-grade blenders. This is because Vitamix has a long history of quality craftsmanship and durability.

No doubt, Vitamix is a powerful blending machine that is capable to do many things including delicious smoothies. It can make soups, sauces, nut kinds of butter, and even ice cream. Plus, it’s super easy to clean and also dishwasher safe.

This drink at Starbucks is made using Starbucks’ distinctive espresso, but you can make it at home with whatever espresso you choose.

There’s no doubt that Vitamix is one of the best, if not the best, blender on the market. But is it the best blender for Starbucks?

After all, Starbucks has to make many blended drinks daily, so they need a reliable and durable blender that can handle the demand. That’s why Starbucks uses Vitamix blenders. They’re powerful enough to handle large batches of blended drinks and built to last.

Conclusion – What Blenders Do Starbucks Use

The mystery about “what blenders do Starbucks use” is solved now. One of the significant benefits of using a blender is its ability to make smooth and healthy drinks. You can also experiment with lots of creative recipes if you have one.

Vitamix Quiet One model was designed with all these things in mind. It comes with several functionalities that ensure quality results while keeping it quiet enough not to disturb your surroundings.